Biodiversity: further decline or bending the trend? A new animated film

date: 2015-06-22


What is happening to life on earth? What are the pressures affecting biological diversity globally, and what can be done  to stop its decline? This short animated film brings you to the year 2050 and shows you the future is not fixed; the choices that we as a society make today will determine what the world will look like decades from now. The animation uses information derived from the GLOBIO model.

Looking back from the future: how to stop the decline in biodiversity

This animation focuses on the goal of halting the decline in biodiversity by the year 2050. This goal was derived from the 1992 Rio Conference and the subsequent 2050 vision agreed upon at the 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, in Nagoya, Japan. The film animates the backcasting approach that was used in PBL’s ‘Roads from Rio+20’ report. The report features various pathways to achieve global environment and development goals by the middle of the 21st century. The animation briefly presents the causes of biodiversity decline and its consequences for humans. It states what would happen if nothing is done about it and describes options to halt this decline.

Learn more about the solutions to accomplish this change

The information in this animation was based on the analyses used in various reports by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. These reports include ‘Rethinking Global Biodiversity Strategies’, ‘Roads from Rio+20’ and the PBL/CBD report ‘How sectors can contribute to sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity’.

Source: Biodiversity: further decline or bending the trend? A new animated film (PBL website)