Biodiversity footprint of companies

date: 2017-05-30


Plansup, Alterra Wageningen UR and JSScience


Biodiversity footprint analysis for leading companies based on GLOBIO. Pressures included are land use, climate change (CO2) and Nitrogen and Phosphorous emission to water.

The reports provide a detailed analysis of a biodiversity footprint analysis for 6 company cases, including used assumptions, methodology and results. Cases: Foreco (wood products), Moyee (coffee), Natural Plastics (bio-plastic tree support system), Tony Chocolonely (chocolate), Better Future Factory (products from recycled materials), Schut Papier (paper). In this analysis the impact of water extraction on neighboring nature areas is tested for two cases In addition to the impact of land use , CO2 and N & P emission to water. The impact of water extraction is implemented for the Desso (carpets) and Schut Papier cases.