Global Biodiversity Outlook 2

date: 2007-07-01


Secretariat of the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD)

The Global Biodiversity Outlook 2 assesses the current status and trends of biodiversity and the key drivers of biodiversity loss.

As 2010 approaches, the document identifies key actions required at the individual, institutional and systemic levels to achieve the 2010 target.

GLOBIO contribution

GLOBIO, together with the models IMAGE and GTAP, contributed to GBO2 with the study Cross-roads of Life on Earth: Exploring means to meet the 2010 biodiversity target. An analysis was made of the effects of six global policy options to reduce the rate of loss of biodiversity. The options were either targeted at biodiversity conservation or targeted at other goals, but with potential side-effects on biodiversity. The options were compared with a reference scenario of moderate economic en demographic development.

None of the policy measures appeared to be able to individually halt the loss of biodiversity to any significant degree:

The Cross-roads report has been internationally reviewed and was published as report no. 31 of the CBD technical series.

Remaining Mean Species Abundance in the scenario period

07b_summary World2
Change in Mean Species Abundance