What can GLOBIO be used for?

The Global Biodiversity model GLOBIO is an operational tool for policy support on the global to national scale. It can be used to assess (see also figure):

  1. Impacts of human induced environmental drivers on land biodiversity in past, present and future
  2. The relative importance of the environmental drivers
  3. Trends under future scenarios
  4. Effects of policy response options, such as climate change mitigation, plantation forestry and protected areas


GLOBIO includes the following drivers:

  1. Land use
  2. Atmospheric nitrogen deposition
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Fragmentation
  5. Climate change

Impacts on biodiversity are captured in terms of the biodiversity indicators Mean Species Abundance (MSA) and Ecosystem extent. They can be considered applications of the CBD indicators ‘trends in abundance and distribution of selected species’ and ‘trends in extent of selected biomes, ecosystems, and habitats’, respectively.