Policy support

The aim of GLOBIO is to support international, regional and national decision makers with their strategic policies relating to biodiversity. Over the years major clients have been UNEP, CBD, OECD, FAO, World Bank, the European Union and national governments from countries across the world.

Examples of policies to be supported are the Millennium Development Goals, Socio-Economic Development Plans and National Biodiversity Action Plans. GLOBIO was also used for the second Global Biodiversity Outlook of the CBD, to evaluate policy response options to reach the 2010 biodiversity target.

Environmental assessments

The support often takes place in the context of (integrated) environmental assessments.
A contribution of GLOBIO typically consists of analyses of impacts of environmental drivers on biodiversity in the past, present and future. Change in the drivers through time can be forecasted by scenarios or can be projected results from existing or new policy measures. Results from the analyses are presented as chapters in assessments, provided with maps and graphs.