GLOBIO-Aquatic is a modelling framework to calculate the impact of (sets of) environmental drivers on freshwater biodiversity, for past, present and future. The model is complementary and similar in approach to the GLOBIO model for the terrestrial environment. Freshwater ecosystems comprise rivers, lakes and several types of wetlands, together 8-9 % of the global land area.

Global Lakes and Wetlands Database

GLOBIO-Aquatic is based on empirical relationships, derived from a compilation and generalization of literature data. To use GLOBIO-Aquatic no detailed species data are needed. Instead, the model uses spatial information on environmental drivers as input. This input is derived from other models and/or environmental data, using a catchment approach.

GLOBIO-Aquatic was added to the GLOBIO modelling framework in 2010. The information under this menu item refers to the current, first version of the model (v. 1.0, 2010).