GLOBIO defines impact zones (high, medium, low) around roads, based on the distance to the road. For each impact zone GLOBIO contains a corresponding MSA value. The impact zones differ among ecosystems.

High (dark colour), medium and low (light colour) impact buffer zones (in km) along roads

The MSA values are based on 74 datsets from 64 studies on the impacts of infrastructure on abundances of species. Species groups include birds, mammals, insects and plants. The impacts include direct effects of disturbance on wildlife, and indirect effects such as increased hunting activities and tourism, and small-scale land-use change along roads. For each impact zone, MSA was estimated using generalized mixed models.

Impact buffer zones (in km) along roads and corresponding MSAi values

In GLOBIO, infrastructure is set to affect only natural and semi-natural areas. In protected areas, infrastructure is set to have no impact.

The infrastructure module of the current version of GLOBIO (GLOBIO3) is entirely based on GLOBIO2.